Advocacy in B.C.

Key Resources for Advocates – Quick Reference Guide

Most of the online resources noted below are available online via or Specific website addresses are provided though most sites can be found by Googling ‘worksafebc’ or ‘wcat’ and the name of the document(s). 

Legislation, policy & practice directives

The Board is required to apply the Act and associated Board policy. Its Practice Directives are non-binding. Most provisions of the Act are general and broad. The policies provide detail regarding application of the Act, the practice directives further detail regarding application of the law and policy: 

  • Workers’ Compensation Act  (* also available at
  • WCB compensation policy – Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual (RSCM):
    • Volume II (current policies: injuries after June 30, 2002)
    • Volume I (injuries prior to June 30, 2002)
  • WCB Practice Directives – (* This page also links to “Related Practices”: other guidelines such as the “Psychological Impairment Guidelines” used for pension adjudication)

Researching past cases

Past cases are not useful as precedents in WCB reviews/appeals but adjudicators are encouraged to maintain consistency with past decisions:

Review/appeal practices and procedures

Key forms

  • WCB forms, such as the Application for Compensation, Request for Review, Request for Disclosure, Authorization of Representative, search the forms and resources page at 
  • WCAT Notice of Appeal 

Claim file access

Create an online account and login to view claim records / request/manage reviews, etc. via portal at home page. 

Requests to WCB

  • If you’re asking for a new decision or unadjudicated benefits, you may want to put it in writing then follow up by phone, or email. If the case manager is ignoring you, and not recording your calls, you may want to call the Claims Call Centre 1-888-967-5377 and ask the agent to ‘task’ the case manager to call you and log a memo so it’s recorded. 
  • If the case manager does not call you back within 2 business days, you’re entitled to call the Claims Call Centre to request a call back from the Client Services Manager of that case manager regarding the delay
  • If the Client Services Manager doesn’t call you back within 2 business days, you’re entitled to call (or write) the WCB’s Fair Practices Office (FPO) 1.800.335.9330 and dispatch them to address the issue of delay or other unfair practice. See the FPO’s webpage. 

Preparing your appeal

  • WCAT provides information regarding starting appeals, preparing your case and gathering and presenting evidence & arguments.

Reimbursement of appeal expenses

  • Fee schedules – See “Expenses to get new written evidence relevant to the appeal” for list of links to fee schedules on Board’s website and elsewhere


Course materials

Table of concordance

  • Effective April 6, 2020, the 350+ sections of the Workers’ Compensation Act were all moved around as part of a revision to make the Act more readable. The Table of Concordance shows where the sections of the former act can now be found. 

Reminder – Key review & appeal deadlines

  • 90 days to file a request for review of a Board decision 
  • 30 days to file a notice of appeal to WCAT of a Review Division decision

Common WCB terms & acronyms

WCB uses many specialized words and acronyms (initials).  The following may be helpful.